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Possible website and email disruption whilst AIMS changes their webhosting.

Hopefully you will not notice this change, but there is a chance that the website could be unavailable for a short period of time.

We are also likely to have a period of time where AIMS emails may not get through to us, even though the website is working. Should you get a message from your email provider saying that they have been unable to deliver the message, or fail to get a response from us, then please do send us the email again.

The AIMS phone helpline will not be affected so if you need to contact us we can still be contacted on 0300 365 0663 or via our Facebook page

Should you have an urgent issue then you can also email and we will pass on emails.

Tim and Debbie Chippington Derrick


A new film Mircobirth by the producers of Freedom for Birth is in production, and they need to raise additional funds to enable them to complete the film. AIMS would like your help to support this project. We thank all of you who contributed and made it possible for us to donate US$500, just under 300. We now have 10 screening licenses and AIMS will be added as a supporter in the credits.

So, our next challenge is to plan screenings around the UK for September. So if you might be interested then please contact for more details

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