AIMS Order Form

Please print this form (click here for a printer-friendly version without colour and frames, or get it as a PDF)
complete it and send it, with payment, to:

Shane Ridley,
Flat 56,
Charmouth Court,
Fairfield Park,
Lyme Regis,

Please make your cheques/postal order payable to AIMS

Item Price Qty Total
If you have ordered a T-shirt please don't forget to put the size      
Postage and packing:
  • For orders up to 15; please add 2 P&P
  • For orders over 15 and up to 25; please add 4 P&P
  • For orders over 25; please add 5 P&P
Total Enclosed  

Please complete using capital letters:

Name: __________________________________________________________________
Address:: __________________________________________________________________
Post Code: __________________________________________________________________
Telephone number: __________________________________________________________________
Email address: __________________________________________________________________
Occupation: __________________________________________________________________
How did you hear about AIMS?: __________________________________________________________________

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